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Precision Engineering Services

Tri-Gon Precision is an industry leader in the manufacturing of ultra-high precision components. Our goal is to offer unparalleled precision engineering services to the industries we serve.

We are an active participant in our customer’s Integrated Supply Chain’s Managements Team. In addition, Tri-Gon offers the following value added services:

precision engineering services

Product Assembly

Tri-Gon has experience entensive experience in a range of product assembly jobs. For your convenience, we are happy to assemble your job in-house. Precision made parts must be carefully assembled with the allowed grinding tolerances. We work with a range of project sizes, working with both small and large assembly jobs.

Reverse Engineering 

After we are given a sample piece of your needed part, we use SolidWorks software to provide its accurate dimensions. Then we will reconstruct a 3D model of your part and create a 2D drawing for fabrication. After your approval, all parts are produced to order. 

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Our customer support team will build an inventory management system in accordance to customer demand for estimated annual usage (EAU).

Expedite Order

As a customer oriented organization, we never lose sight of your deadline commitments and needs. Tri-Gon will work with each customer to expedite orders as necessary.

Outsourcing Network

We work with a broad range of outsourcing companies for specialized orders.

Check Out Tri-Gon Precision's Quality Control Manual

Tri-Gon Precision is a family owned and operated facility. Serving a diverse line of industries since 1973, we expedite every order on a priority basis.

The highly qualified staff at Tri-Gon Precision is here to serve you. Contact us today and learn more about our added value services. 

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