Laser Machining & Cutting Services

Since 1973, Tri-Gon Precision has been a premier provider for laser machining applications. Our expertise in this specialized field has allowed us to manufacture custom machining parts for clients across a spectrum of industries.

Precision Laser Machining Services

  • Laser cutting, drilling, marking and welding
  • Scribing laser ablation
  • Shape-setting
  • Minute laser drilling capabilities and marking

In addition, we specialize in machining holes that span from .0008” to larger diameters.

Laser Cutting

Creating custom machined parts from specifications. Can cut materials up to 32 thousandths thick, mainly stainless steel. Holes from .001” to larger diameter.

Laser Drilling

Laser and 7 axis CNC Machine. Small diameter .001” holes and larger

Laser drilling gives the ability to drill exact small holes in parts and materials, spaced closely together with exact diameters. Density can be very high and diameters very small, all holding tight tolerances.

Laser Marking

Marking parts per specification. No wear, permanent markings/identification. Will not contaminate processes or flake off or wear off.

Laser marking would be used for medical devices, aerospace and electronics and anything that needs to be marked. It puts a permanent mark on material without adding material (paint, varnish, etc.). It discolors the material without warping or changing the characteristics of the material being marked (not suited for some materials, problem come when that material contains chlorine, ie Polyvinyl Chloride ). This can be done on very small parts.

Shape Setting

Laser cutting of precision parts to specified shapes.

Cutting small blanks or shapes, could be a finished part when cut or additional machining or finishing applied to a blank (as in “a blank slate”)

Minute Laser Drilling Capabilities and Marking

Very high precision small holes for small parts

 The Tri-Gon staff is committed to providing exceptional customer service. We actively participate in our customer’s Integrated supply Chain’s Management Team.  As a VMI, JIT, KANBAN, or MRP supplier, we can manage an inventory system to ensure our customer's will operate without shortages or delays.

Tri-Gon employs a stringent in-house quality control system. We are ISO 9001:2008 compliant and currently pursuing certification.

Our engineers will assist in selecting the appropriate and most cost-effective material for your application. We have an extensive experience of selected materials including steels, aluminum, brass, stainless and alloys.

The highly trained staff at Tri-Gon Precision is here to serve you. Contact us today to discuss any questions regarding the most demanding laser machining applications.

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