Small Parts Micromachining

micro machining

Mircomachining is the manufacturing of minute, detailed and close tolerance parts that require extreme precision. If you require precision manufacturing for small parts, Tri-Gon’s micromachining services can readily fabricate a meticulous screw machine product for your project needs.

Our production floor is filled with an advanced fleet of CNC Swiss Screw machines that are designed for small work and a range of alloys and materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, plastics and exotics. We can CNC machine precision parts smaller than 1/16” and utilize tooling required for any micro machining needs.

Micromachining Capabilities

Tri-Gon utilizes mircomachining methods that are directly tailored for the production of small components within a wide range of industries including medical, watchmaking and aerospace industries.

  • Small Component Manufacturing
  • Clock and Watch Production & Repair
  • Custom Small Parts Productions
  • Precision parts and assembly
  • Ferrous and Non Ferrous Materials

To offer more capabilities from one point of contact, Tri-Gon is an active participant in the Integrated Supply Chain’s Management Team.

We realize the importance of maintaining our machinery to produce the best quality products. Our CNC machines are regularly calibrated or upgraded to achieve maximum manufacturing potential.

At Tri-Gon, our commitment to timely delivery, consistent quality and minimized cost exceeds all industry standards.

Contact the highly qualified staff at Tri-Gon Precision today to discuss your CNC Swiss screw machining and micro manufacturing requirements.


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