Precision Grinding Services

Precision grinding is a true specialty! It’s like an art.

Our machinists are highly skilled in their craftsmanship of grinding to extremely precision tolerances. For example, we are accustomed of holding tolerances to a concentricity of .000025”. Our people are experts in this field. If you have a requirement for close tolerance grinding, or have a unique job requiring grinding, give us a call. We will work with you to handle your complex and unique jobs. Below is a list of Tri-Gon’s grinding and finish capabilities:

High Precision Grinding Techniques:

  • Centerless Grinding (Plunge and Thru feed)
  • Surface Grinding
  • I.D. (Inside Diameter) Grinding
  • O.D. (Outside Diameter) Grinding
  • Cylindrical Grinding
  • Precision grinding of bar stock to custom O.D. sizes and close tolerances.

Mirror Grinding Finish

Grinding Surface Finishes:

  • 64 RMS
  • 32 RMS
  • 16 RMS
  • 8 RMS
  • and even 1 RMS (depending on the part)

Additional Finish Callouts:

  • Precise Buffing
  • Quality Fine Polishing
  • High Precision Lapping
  • Precision I.D. Honing
  • Fine Finish Tumbling

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